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College Book Store is proud to offer this collection of quality Ohio University products for just $18.04 each.

$18.04 Collection Merchandise List

Green Heather ALUMNI crewneck sweatshirt
1804 Jogger Sweatpant: Oxford with Dark Green Stack Arch
Green Heather 1804 crew: Thin Block Arch OHIO
Dk Oxfd 1804 crew: paste-up black
1804 black crew
Graphite 1804 Sweatpant: Ohio Bobcats down leg
1804 Ash Crewneck Sweatshirt: Split Stack with Cat Face
1804 Sage Green Crew
Green 1804 Crew: Attack Cat
Black 1804 Hood: Attack Cat
Green 1804 Crew: Straight Stacked
Oxford 1804 Crew: Straight Stacked
Graphite 1804 Hood: Straight Stacked
White 1804 Hood: Straight Stacked
Oxford 1804 Hood: Straight Stacked
Green 1804 Hood: Straight Stacked