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Compare Book Prices Online: When you shop for textbooks online, we make it easy for you to find the best possible price using the Verba price comparison tool, and we can continue to offer competitive prices. Get more details and find out how to get started at Dickinson Textbook Price Comparison

Rent Your Textbooks: Many of our titles will now be available to rent for the semester. Depending on availability, book condition and cover-type, rental prices can be 40-65% less than purchase prices. If the title is available for rent it will appear as such during the book selection process.


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If you still need help, email bookstor@dickinson.edu, or call the
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Important Information
Disclaimer: In making available the Dickinson College textbook list on this web site, the Bookstore cannot and does not guarantee the books we have listed will actually be the books used for any given course and section; individual instructors can and do make final decisions about course book usage, therefore changes and errors may occur. If your course is not listed, the Bookstore has not yet received a request from the instructor. Textbook prices are subject to change without notice.

Returns: Textbooks purchased at the Bookstore may be returned for a full refund within the guidelines of our Textbook Return Policy.

Pick-Up: Textbooks are available for in-store pick-up only and cannot be shipped at this time.

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