Rent or Buy? It's up to you!


Renting boooks from SBX is easy! When you come into our store (located on 14th and High) head to the Textbook Section to find the books for your classes. Once you locate your book, check the shelf tag to see that your book is rentable. Is there a rent price listed? If yes, then your book is able to be rented! When you're done gathering your books, take them up front to the register and let the cashier know which books you'd like to rent!

  • Renting a textbook can only be done in store!

  • You can lightly write and highlight in rental books

  • Rentals with water damage, missing, or ripped pages will be charged a replacement fee

  • All rental books will be due following finals week and can be returned earlier!

  • Any rental that is not returned will be charged to your account


    Buying books can be done online or in store! Once you buy it, it is yours to keep or to sell back for cash when you're finished with it. SBX buys back books year round, no BuckID or photo ID required! If want to sell your books, bring them into the store so we can give you an offer!

    Click the link below to get started!

    Textbook ordering is currently not available.
    Last Updated 2/19/2018

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